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Learn to Paint Tropical Beach Landscapes with Gouache - 3 Beautiful Polaroids to Unwind

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Payal Sinha



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1. Welcome to my Class! :)) 2:02

2. Gouache Overview 2:07

3. Materials Needed! 3:30

4. Basic Gouache Techniques. 8:52

5. Elements Part 1 (Clouds & Waves) 12:24

6. Elements Part 2 (Palm Trees) 9:08

7. Polaroid 1 (Part 1) - Creating the clouds 8:56

8. Part 2 - Adding Waves & Foam Details 11:02

9. Part 3 - Painting Palm Leaves 5:12

10. Polaroid 2 (Part 1) - Painting Clouds & Mountains 8:20


The medium gouache is a medium between watercolors and acrylics with beautiful properties to offer . We will explore and learn about the techniques such as consistency, blending, layering etc with gouache and how to use these in our paintings . Using this basic knowledge we will then learn to paint three beautiful beach polaroids .


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Cannot wait to dip in and complete those gorgeous class projects. Painting seascapes with all those details and intensity can be intimidating, but not anymore!!! loving all the detailed explanations, from the techniques, all the elements we use in the projects, to the projects themselves. I had a blast painting them, and I really love all the details brought to the clouds, the waves, and the palm trees. I got to learn so many elements like clouds, palm trees, painting water....Etc... Overall it was an amazing class.

Worst review

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I struggle with water beaches waves and the colour mixes related to the above. I cant epress my emotions since im not a good artist myself you literally covered up all the color combinations, techniques, color palette and just everything that was used in the painting of these polaroids. Painting them literally made me go on a beach vacay so bad. I found the blur transitions a distraction; they diminished the quality of the video.

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