Impressions from Nature: Block Printing Inspired by the Outdoors by Emily Wool (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:13

2. Project Overview 1:41

3. Supplies 2:25

4. Observe + Sketch 1:38

5. Sketching Outdoors 3:25

6. Taking Photos for Inspiration 1:01

7. Tracing 4:45

8. Transferring 1:35

9. Preparing to Carve 2:13

10. Outlining 1:56

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Emily wool is a block printer in central virginia . She will guide you through the wonderful process of block printing . We'll create a stamp inspired by an original illustration made by you! The class will be held at montfair resort farm in the blue ridge mountains .


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I enjoyed the music very much and the videos were visually appealing. I would recommend this series to anyone wanting to explore their creativity, especially in regards to finding inspiration in nature- beginners and seasoned block printers alike! emily is an exceptional teacher and keeps the tone light, fun, and engaging. Anyone that’s never done block printing before will be able to do so with confidence after watching her classes. The video quality is excellent and I also love the soft background music.

Worst review

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Someone who has never tried drawing from nature or blockprinting would be able to successfully finish a project after taking this class.

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