How to Paint Simple Birds in Watercolor by Luke Gleeson (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction - Simple Birds in Watercolour 0:59

2. Drawing Stage - Simple Bird Drawing 3:37

3. Painting Stage 1 4:36

4. Painting Stage 2 3:38

5. Painting Stage 3 3:42

6. Conclusion 1:07

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In this class i demonstrate how i painted a blue tit in watercolor . I want you to see how easy, fun, and relaxing it can be to put brush to paper and produce something simple and beautiful . This class is not super technique heavy, rather it's about learning to let go of worrying about making something perfect .


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There are some handy comments about fixing bits that are too dark. Worth watching through and making notes about the colours to be used and how they are mixed.

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It would be helpful if the reference image or the final paintings were uploaded as a resource, but pausing the video works as well!

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