How to Create a Villain for Your Story by Julia Gousseva (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:11

2. Defining a Villain 4:21

3. Villain Archetypes 2:24

4. The Accidental Villain 3:31

5. The Purposeful Villain 2:03

6. The Unexpected Villain 1:57

7. The Over-the-Top Villain 1:26

8. The Mundane Villain 1:31

9. Villain Exercise #1 1:59

10. Villain Exercise #2 1:09

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Do you want to create compelling, dynamic villain characters for your fiction? or have you started writing but realized your villains are onedimensional or not very interesting? This short class will show you how to develop realistic and fascinating villains with unique attitudes, abilities, and qualities that your readers will want to read about .


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Gave me some nice insight into villains I had not thought of before. I can see how the exercises will really improve my writing too. I really enjoyed the sections discussion each villain archetype, their motivations etc. This class gave me some new ideas and ways of thinking about creating decent, well-rounded villains. The exercises were well-thought-out and helped so much with fleshing out the antagonist in the story I'm working on!

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