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Have fun to paint cats while you learn to use watercolor! by Agnes Bodor (Skillshare)

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Simple, practical and complete (23%)
Great teacher and beginner friendly (15%)
Excellent and Practical (15%)
Clear and structured (13%)
Interesting introduction (12%)

Course content

1. Intro 2:41

2. Project description 2:04

3. Materials 8:31

4. Basic technique 7:11

5. Calico cat - start to work 9:33

6. Calico cat - finishing up 11:45

7. Sitting calico cat - start to work 8:14

8. Sitting calico cat - continue to paint 12:13

9. Sitting Calico cat - finishing it 11:39

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Watercolor is a difficult material to control, but it well worth to take the time to understand it. In this class i will show you how to paint cats with watercolor while you use the full potential of this material to depict the fury body of cats.


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I just completed the class and came away feeling delighted with the teacher, appreciative of her generous sharing of her tools and methods and, most importantly to me, inspired by her artistry. I like this method as it helps to see at a glance where the water was applied and where the paper remains dry (dry areas will remain the bright white of the paper). I didn’t do a perfect painting but sure learnt a lot and will try again for sure

Worst review

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I have only been painting with watercolour for just on a year. (2) It is difficult to see precisely where the paper has been wetted (and where it was left dry) before adding the paint. But I feel it could use a couple of tweaks to make it great: (1) it is rather difficult to see where the pencil outline of the cat is drawn in (even before it is lightened so that you cannot see it at all).

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