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Gouache Seascapes : Beginner friendly 15 minute projects in Gouache

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1. Life is a Beach! 1:29

2. Materials Needed 1:59

3. Gouache Techniques Refresher 4:40

4. Color Palette 2:38

5. Project 1 : Warmup 9:31

6. Project 2 : Jungle View 15:03

7. Project 3 : By the rocky beach 13:15

8. Project 4 : Rocking waves 12:35

9. Project 5 : Sunlit Boat 16:29

10. Project 6: Cliffs and Flowers 15:08


Painting 5 detailed gouache projects and one warmup project focusing on blending and layering . If you are new to gouache, i suggest you check this class for all the basics about gouache . There is a refresher section in this class too if you prefer this .


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I am a quick learner and a begginer aswell so hope to be longer with you in this beautiful journey of art. She is very pleasant, gives clear instructions and an excellent instructor. And I am glad I decided to do it, though unfortunately I didn't have gouache watercolors, so could not do it along with the course. Since my birthday is on 13th of this month, I thought of gifting myself the skillshare subscription just to learn from you, also to enjoy the perks of few other artists. .

Worst review

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I was afraid of using gouache as I never get the desired results. Have done fee artworks with metallic one but when I tried actual gouache, I messed up while layering and turned out to be an utter flop.

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