Fun With Watercolor: Winter Wreath by Kolbie Blume (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro 0:51

2. Warm Up 8:22

3. Practice: Pine Needles 7:18

4. Practice: Branches 5:50

5. Practice: Mistletoe Leaves 8:17

6. Practice: Holly 18:04

7. Final Project, Part 1 15:43

8. Final Project, Part 2 6:42

9. Final Project, Part 3 8:32

10. Final Project, Part 4 13:33

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Looking to add the perfect handmade touch to your holiday greetings this year? paint with me in this holidayinspired watercolor course to create a perfectly woodsy winter wreath! ,this class is great for painters of all levels!


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Wreaths are great to write messages inside or make holiday cards for family and friends. I love that kolbie provides real time video and the hyperlapse video. Practice wreath is finished, can’t wait to dive into the one on better paper. I'm a beginner at watercolor so I think this class is suitable for any level. I really enjoyed this class taught alot of different elements, I wanted to do a special card for my sister.

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As I have problems with trees I think I had some problems with the pines needles but a wreath is kinda forgiving lol. I was so anxious last night when I received the notification and decided to do the class in the spot. I had trouble with composition as well, but than she gave some tips and I tried to fix it, well it went really well but in the next I already know what not to do.

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