From loose flowers to bouquet - Watercolour lesson step by step by Viddhi Saschit (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:36

2. Materials required 1:25

3. Practice lesson - flowers 12:23

4. Practice lesson - leaves 6:21

5. Bouquet 1 - part I 12:01

6. Bouquet 1 - part II 6:22

7. Bouquet 2 - part I 3:16

8. Bouquet 2 - part II 2:48

9. Conclusion 1:07

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Join with me to paint step by step watercolor floral bouquet . You will learn how to paint different types of flowers and then learn to compose a loose bouquet. Use code " limitlessartviddhi15%" on .


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If you're obsessed with florals and color then sure don't miss any of her classes viddhi classes will most enjoyable part for me, her teaching way is incredible. Viddhi bring fun and simplicity to each project making water color a joy and accessible to everyone! she explained each step very clearly that you can fall in love with these flowers while painting them. Finally took a step to learn watercolor florals, and already excited to practice it. This was such a fun and easy to follow class again!!

Worst review

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I really need to practice a lot... How many years have been you painting? i am new to watercolor and love loose florals but didn't like my results when attempting on my own.

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