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Floral watercolour wreath: brush marking technique

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Karan Veer Singh



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1. Introduction 1:19

2. Art supplies 1:36

3. Petal flower 4:44

4. Rose 3:15

5. Leaves 3:53

6. Filler flowers 3:46

7. Peony 2:21

8. Floral wreath part: 1 5:51

9. Floral wreath part: 2 5:57

10. Floral wreath part: 3 5:07


In this class, we are going to learn how to paint a floral wreath in watercolours . The technique that we will be using is loose style or brush marking technique . This class guide the student from art supplies, basic information, components till the end of the session .


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This lessons have really useful to me and had learn new techniques. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is trying to ace floral paintings. Wow..Such an amazing class.Each and every floral composition is explained in a great way with simple brush stroke techniques.I love the class project so much and thank you for such a wonderful class to create this amazing wreath.My instagram handle is like every stroke of every flower and how we can plan out the entire wreath composition, selecting colours etc.

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As where I grew up mostly I heard flowers are meant for girls. I am somewhat experienced with watercolor florals, but I always find this style hard to master, the wreaths. I have always struggled with composing wreaths as I get stuck up while adding the filler florals and leaves.

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