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Expert's guide to Negative Watercolors - Bookmarks

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1. Introduction 0:49

2. Materials 3:43

3. Warm Up Blending + Negative Painting 6:04

4. Warm Up Leaves 5:22

5. Project Part 1 - Prepare the Paper 2:47

6. Project Part 2 - Blending Layer 1 9:40

7. Project Part 3 - Blending Layer 2 3:15

8. Project Part 4 - Add Contrast Color 10:04

9. Project Part 5 - Splatter 5:48

10. Conclusion 0:45


Welcome to this watercolor class that goes into detail in regards to negative painting using blending. This technique is different from the usual negative painting technique, so i am really excited to share my step by step tutorial!:d


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I love painting leaves they are so therapeutic and satisfying!!! though I don't have watercolor paint I love watching watercolor paintings. This way of negative painting is totally testing and training my patience! i especially love the look of the layering...Even tho that was the challenging part for me! as you said it require a lot of patience but the result is beautiful. I looked many you tube tutorials but couldn't get this detailed instruction from anyone.. This one was a little more challenging and required patience on my part.

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I am uploading my negative layering watercolour bookmark painting for your inputs. Light and dark study , definition of negative painting ( I mean you are transparent in every slides) i have been painting for a while but I am new to negative painting technique. A glance at the insta account of femvisonary makes the negative painting artwork look quite complex and beyond caliber. I think a close up of the supplies used would have helped those that feel like they are a beginner at negative painting.

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