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Experience Watercolours: Tricks and Tips

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Melinda Wilde



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1. Tricks and Tips for Watercolours 0:24

2. Try Scratching! 2:47

3. Tree Trunks 1:57

4. Branches 1:19

5. Stripe Excercise 5:19

6. Talk About Spray Bottles 6:05

7. The Good the Bad and the Obvious 3:59

8. Blank Paper Anxiety! 1:03

9. Speed Sew...Really? 4:43

10. Yes You Can Paint a Dewdrop 4:13


These series of lessons are a culmination of things i have learned over 30 years. Little tips and tricks to make your watercolour journey easier and more successful. Everything from organizing your workspace to using things you would never guess can replace commercial supplies.


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(And thanks for pointing me in the right direction to find them.) Recommended for anyone interested in watercolors, regardless of level or how many other watercolor classes you have watched already. If you want some amazing insider tips and truly helpful content from a professional watercolourist- i’ve watched many demos from other artists and thought I could never do that but you simplified it and have me believing I actually can do it. This class has many excellent tips and tricks that painters of all levels can benefit from.

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I'm supposed to be learning how to use photoshop but all I want to do is go paint trees.... I use pebeo, but it seems like they have changed something in the composition or ingredients, because I have found it sometimes stains the paper (arches) which never used to happen.

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