Dreamy Sunsets: Paint Dazzling Skies with Watercolor by Elina Zhelyazkova (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Welcome to Class! 1:22

2. Class + Project Overview 1:17

3. Materials 4:40

4. How to Mix Pastel Colors 7:48

5. Choosing a Color Palette 4:46

6. Types of Washes 4:38

7. Exercise 1 9:11

8. Exercise 2 8:52

9. Final Project part 1 7:40

10. Final Project part 2 9:56

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Learn how to paint every unique sunset you see! If you often find yourself inspired by the sky at sundown, this is the class for you! Choose the perfect color palette for a sunset painting; how to mix pastel colors yourself; the four types of watercolor washes – the base of every watercolor painting . We’ll practice painting different sunset sceneries .


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Also, loved the technique of keeping paper wet for longer time. Elina explained in detail how to paint these beautiful skies and also how to get different pastel shades. A well-explained detailed class to paint some beautiful soft and subtle skies. Fabulous class! technique for achieving those pillowy fluffy clouds is just amazing. The exercises were great to warm up with before the final project. In addition to this, an engaging teacher really makes it enjoyable irrespective of the outcome. Wow, I've never made pastels shades with my watercolors--so pretty!

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I found out one thing interesting while mixing watercolours with white gouache, it does not make a clear mix as the pastel watercolours (i will show when I post my project).

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