DIY Fabric Flowers - Upcycle Your Fabric Leftovers Into a Beautiful Flower by Anne Wolf (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:42

2. Tools You Need 2:13

3. Do the Pattern 4:37

4. Cut the Fabric 5:15

5. Emboss the Fabric 3:37

6. Create the Flower 6:11

7. Ways to Use the Flower 1:10

8. Final Thoughts 0:32

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The class shows you how to make flowers in different sizes and shapes from fabric . The class will teach how to do a pattern, a test to find out the composition of your fabric (natural or synthetic), how to cut out the petals, how to give our fabric a structure,ways to use the flower,i will use these materials:fabric, scissors, paper, pencil, needle, needle,. thread, thread, pins, cup, starch .


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I only wish ms. Wolf had more classes to offer on skillshare:( i have made these in the past, but had not thought of starching the flowers. She is engaging and isn't afraid to have a giggle when explaining or demonstrating. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in making accessories or doing fabric manipulations. I particularly enjoyed seeing the broader context: she showed how she uses very sophisticated tools for production work, and how we can achieve similar results using very basic ones.

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