Dancing Lights in the Sky - Beginners Guide by Dhritikana Nath (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Dancing Lights in the Sky 2:46

2. Materials Required 4:00

3. Colors 0:42

4. Techniques 17:58

5. Exercise 1 Dancing Light 20:07

6. Exercise 2 Dancing Light 22:18

7. Project 1 Northern Light 33:28

8. Project 2 Southern Light 18:33

9. Conclusion 0:53

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This class is a guidance for beginners to understand the medium watercolors in a better way . We start by discussing all the materials required, watercolor techniques, exercises and two final projects . We will discuss a lot about the northern and the southern lights as well as understand the color composition that works best in this case .


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I really like this class and all the material presented delivered clearly. Informative, detailed explanations, beautiful exercises and projects- this class has it all! the instructor provides some practical advice espcially useful for beginners like me. Recommend this class to all watercolor enthusiast as its very engaging and has a lot of learning to take from. There is a lot of information other than just how to paint these which is shared continuously throughout the class. I would recommend this class for the beginners as well as intermediate.

Worst review

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One of the difficult subject in watercolours which I struggle is northern lights. When I got to the northern lights project, looking at my completed painting, I simply couldn't believe I painted it! every brush stroke is not explained, so I think it would help to have a bit of experience as opposed to absolute beginner. Northern lights is my favourite topic to paint but I always struggle to get them paint perfectly.

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