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Creating Texture in Watercolor with a Plastic Card by Camilla Damsbo Brix (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Welcome to Class 1:09

2. Tools, Materials and a Plastic Card 1:55

3. Scraping Techniques 3:50

4. Using the Card as a Brush 2:28

5. Painting the Class Project 13:40

6. Let'sWrap Up 1:16

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This is the third class in my mini series on alternative materials to create texture in watercolor . In this class i will guide you in how to use a credit card to create amazing textures . We’ll take a look at different ways to use it: scraping with the tip of the card, creating grass, creating lines for the paint to fall in, using the card to move the paint,using the card as a brush, combining the techniques to create grass, rocks and texture on trees .


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I recommend this class to everyone who loves to play with watercolors. I gave it a try, but the paper went a bit fluffy. However she instills a sense of adventure into creating with these different techniques. Hope to find a moment today to experiment and will try and post my project once it's done. And I could hear every word :o) I love this technique, and am planning to take a rest from designing to do this with a big mug of tea next to me!

Worst review

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I have always felt like half my battle has been not knowing how to get the effects I want. Some of the work you did went off-camera is the only criticism I could make. One thing I'd like to learn is about how to hold the card and which part of the card to use. From watching her hands, it seems like it is best to smoosh and bend one corner of the card to make rocks.

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