Color Wheel Mandala: Part I by Chris Carter (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 4:36

2. Drawing the Mandala 2:26

3. Primary Colors 1:44

4. Secondary Colors 1:43

5. Tertiary Colors 2:00

6. Two Variations 4:06

7. What's Next? 1:11

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This is the first in the fourpart color wheel mandala series . Each course guides you through the process of creating a mandala with compass and straightedge . In parts ii, ii and iv (separate classes) you will learn to create other mandala designs using six pigments .


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Overall I enjoyed this class a lot and look forward to the other parts. Chris, this is an exciting class, learned a lot, lot of fun, waiting for the next part... Thank you, uwe this is a great class to learn about colors in a very fun way! if you want to study the color as deep as the psychology behind their relations this class is for you because of the teacher. You still need to go through it yourself but you will have a map and her presence-

Worst review

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I know she wants us to figure it out ourselves, but frankly, I'm a complete beginner and I had to do my own extra research on it and have someone else teach me. I would have appreciated an example or two of what colours are in each category especially in neutral. I would have liked more information regarding the colours of warm/cool/neutral.

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