Alcohol Ink & Resin Pour Jewelry by Kellie Chasse (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Intro Resin and Alcohol Ink Pendants 1:14

2. Resin Pendant Materials 2:06

3. Mixing Art Resin 6:11

4. Step 1 Adding Alcohol Ink to a silicone Cake Mold 4:32

5. Step 2 - Another Option for a mold 2:57

6. Step 3 - Begin Cutting your Resin 2:08

7. Step 4 - More Shapes 1:59

8. Step 5 Sanding the Edges 1:39

9. Step 6 Finishing the Edges 1:36

10. Final Steps - Adding the Bail and Necklace 1:28

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Art resin is my favorite since it has a long cure time and it gives plenty of time to create before it dries . This is an beginner to intermediate course for those of you that want to have fun, be creative, and get the basics on how to create these artsy pendants . We'll cover how to pour and tint your resin, and add layers of alcohol inks for some interesting colors .


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It has given me loads of ideas, thank you so much. Kellie explains every detail and has links to everything that you need to complete a project. I really liked this class and some of her others because I feel like I can actually do the projects afterwards and be feel successful. I watch once, then I gather supplies if I need any and then I watch it again one more time before I try it.

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