21 Shades of Sunset - A Watercolor Journey by Dhritikana Nath (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. Introduction 2:55

2. Materials Required 2:22

3. Setting up Palette 4:43

4. Project 1 - Lights Out 19:22

5. Project 2 - Purple Seascape 16:39

6. Project 3 - A Bird 21:26

7. Project 4 - Multicolor Sunset 18:13

8. Project 5 - The Mountain 13:54

9. Project 6 - Green Grassland 20:34

10. Project 7 - Evening Light 12:46

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This class is curated for everyone who has for once fallen in love with the beauty of sunset . Most of the sunsets are inspired across different landscape, seascape, cloudscape etc. We will be exploring 21 different dreamy projects with the most beautiful medium watercolors .


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Any one who loves painting sunsets and landscapes should definitely try this course. Especially in this tough times when there is lockdown it bring peace to my mind. The class is well explained with clear instructions and a pleasant audio background. This class is a great way to get back to watercolours or even begin them if you are just starting off. All of the projects are just beautiful and its pretty intimidating for a beginner like me.

Worst review

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One cannot just sit and paint normally and come out with just happiness of painting. Because of the current setup in the series we are not able to view it properly........... When u mentioned about the problems we face in india during summers its really hard to keep the paper wet for even 5 minutes. I also fascinated by ur paintings and took this class but unfortunately I couldn't cope with you, jus painted one class project

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