15 Minutes Watercolor Poppy Flowers by Art by Snehal (Skillshare)

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1. Introduction 0:39

2. Art Supplies 0:33

3. Choose Colors 0:57

4. How To Paint Poppies 6:03

5. How To Add Foliage 2:51

6. Bonus Video 0:24

7. Thank you 0:14

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In this class i will teach you step by step how to paint poppy flowers in loose watercolor style . This project is not only easy to make but a very refreshing treat to yourself within just 15 minutes . I have also included bonus video of variety of poppy illustrations which you can use for your reference .


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My daughter loved the teachers accent and it was so much fun. I like snehal's easy manner and the way she simplified the poppy shape. It's quick and simple and the teacher has such an easy voice to listen to. I like how direct the instructor is, while managing to still provide insightful tips and instruction.

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