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15 Days Gouache Painting Challenge- Beginning Your Creative Journey with Gouache

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Umashree Taparia



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1. Hello and Welcome Back 2:02

2. Material required 3:43

3. Technique 1- Consistency of Gouache 2:04

4. Technique 2- Blending 4:15

5. Technique 3- Clouds 3:07

6. Technique 4- Layering 3:08

7. Day 1 Clouds 8:55

8. Day 2 Street Light 8:39

9. Day 3 Green Galaxy 10:04

10. Day 4 Intense Clouds 10:00


After 21 days watercolor practice class i had been receiving a lot of requests from my students to do more of gouache class . Many of you are still not familiar with this medium and i love the fact that you are willing to explore this fun medium . We will be doing 15 different paintings through the next 15 days .


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So many cute gouache paintings, most of them in a limited color palette, which makes them extra harmonious. I have many doubts in gouache after seeing your class my doubts have cleared because it's absolutely perfect for beginners. Umashree is very enthusiastic and her step-by-step approach makes this class accessible to everyone! in all the project background colour combination was wonderful and blending too. I definitely recommend this class for the ones who wants to know what gouache is and how it works.

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Your tips and instructions on painting the sky has now totally changed my artwork.

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