Create Product Animations In Blender. by David Jaasma (Skillshare)

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3 hours

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Course content

1. Introduction 1:03

2. 3D Model the Wine Bottle 15:33

3. Finalize the Wine Bottle 6:58

4. Create the Label 13:04

5. 3D Model the Label and Capsule 16:25

6. Create the Glass Material 16:10

7. Lighting the Scene 10:24

8. The Rendering Workflow 16:36

9. Animation: The Grand Reveal 11:15

10. Animation: Closeup Barrel Roll 30:21

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In this class, you will learn how to create multiple product renders and animations in blender. With a basic knowledge of blender, you can start creating this cool wine bottle animation. You will also learn how to use multiple 3D modeling techniques to create the wine bottle, label, and capsule. You will use Canva to create product labels. You will create a realistic material and add a fluid simulation to your product renders. You will create lighting that compliment your products. You will use render passes to make post-production an easy task. You will combine all the rendered image files into a video file. You will is this class for you? If so, do you want to create an amazing portfolio and potential get customers? do you want to create any of these animations?


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