3D Modeling: Learn Blender in 30 Minutes by Shane Whittington (Skillshare)

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Course content

1. 1. Class Introduction 1:12

2. 2. Blender Interface 1:05

3. 3. Creating your first shape 1:07

4. 4. Navigating 3D space in Blender 0:38

5. 5. Create Floorboards using modifiers 2:46

6. 6. Create the calls using extrusion 2:46

7. 7. Create window with inset, deleting faces and bridging edges 3:30

8. 8. Create a bookcase & desk using duplication 2:05

9. 9. Create a picture frame, a monitor and a rug with more advanced extrusion 2:56

10. 10. Create a chair with some cool extrusion tricks 1:58

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This course provides an overview of Blender, including what it is, how it works, and what are some of the important aspects of using Blender. It also covers how to get started, with a focus on how to hold and learn Blender. There is also a section on buying Blender, so you can get a copy for use in the course.


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